FidOlea SA accompanies you in the life of your enterprise by offering complete and competent services.

Small companies and independents

In order to alleviate those responsible for the administrative work in small companies, we offer comprehensive services. By doing so, it is possible to completely outsource the finance department.

It is also possible to subcontract only a part of the services and to keep some operations internal, such as the payment of suppliers or the issuing of invoices.

These services can also be provided in our clients’ offices.



Accounting and salaries

We perform our services, generally on a yearly basis, with the aim to prepare the annual accounts and tax return using the documents prepared by the clients.

  • Input of accounting documents (invoices, journal entries and other accounting documents)
  • Preparation of payslips, annual tax return and insurance tracking
  • Recording fixed assets and depreciation
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements
  • Preparation of the income tax return and follow-up with the tax authorities
  • Preparation of the professional tax return for the commune and promotion of tourism (Geneva)


Management for suppliers, debtors and payments

In addition to basic accounting, we can play a more active role in the operations of the company. By doing this, it is possible for us to entirely delegate the management of the suppliers and debtors or certain parts of the process.

  • Checking the invoices
  • Entering data into the accounting system
  • Preparation of the suppliers’ payments (DTA documents)
  • Optimal management of the payments deadlines
  • Issuing of sales invoices
  • Monitoring of clients’ payments
  • Reminders to clients


Value added tax

  • Risk analysis and necessity for tax liability
  • Preparation for quarterly or biannual VAT return
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